If You Loved Me – IDEAS, from SPARK to FICTION


Where do I get my ideas?

I first got the idea for Emma, the heroine of my novel IF YOU LOVED ME while searching for a heroine for the “other man” in my novel CATALINA’S LOVER. I was fascinated by the story possibilities of Ricardo’s origins as the son of a turbulent multi-cultural marriage and his career as an archeologist. But when I created Emma as his hero, the requisite spark didn’t happen in my brain, and those two characters’ relationship ended before it began. But I’d given birth to Emma, and she wouldn’t leave me alone. Watch the video to see how a brainstorming session sparked the events that sent my heroine into the wilderness searching for her son – and finding love in the last place she’d ever expect.

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Working to get the Storyteller Academy site back up…

I’m a fanatic about doing backups, so when I realized I’d broken this Website while tweaking the settings and couldn’t fix it, I thought I was covered.

I headed over to the BackupBuddy people to download my latest backup and restore it. And that’s when I got the bad news.

There were no backups available!

It seems I’d set up every site I have with daily backups, and I’d certainly installed Backup Buddy on my WordPress site – but I hadn’t set up any backup schedule.

Operator error! I’ve got nobody to blame but myself…

I fought with trying to import my old WordPress database into the new one for a few hours Tuesday, searching for tech articles on my situation, and kept running into hurdles. Yesterday I was fighting off a monster cold that’s been knocking everyone around me off their feet, so I gave myself a treat and downloaded the newest Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson book and spent the day in bed.

This morning, after another try on the tech research, I decided to go back to the beginning and set up the site from scratch.

[updated 6 Apr 2017 3:30] I’ve got the links to my courses and YouTube videos working, a few other details.

Tomorrow I’ll have to sit down and redo the blog I was about to publish when I broke my WebSite.

Sigh… I’ve been in computers since 1979 and I should know better.

Ah, well. I can always blame it on the cold virus!